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Damn, was definitely hoping there was more to the game than just 1 scene per woman. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

Gina is best woman with Elizabeth close behind.


Glad you liked it! I know it's short, I've been deliberating on if I want to outline a bigger and more involved game in the same setting with the same characters. But that's a lot of time, money, and knowledge I don't have.


that would be a truly amazing project

I'd love to see a bigger game with the same setting. Despite being short Acadia University is a master piece! The game and setting has lots of potential for being expanded into a bigger project. I'm an erotica author, and I would be up to help with some of the writing, free of charge.

hey currently getting errors with 2dl2.dll and python27.dll not being their any idea how to solve?

Download the zip to your desktop, extract all the files, then launch the game via the AcadiaUniversity.exe in the may folder. I've not had any other issues reported with the game running.


Weird question. I got the impression after playing this that you know alot about femdom. It’s weird, but I guess I was just that impressed with the writing. (And I think I’ve also seen you on a femdom subreddit?) Anyway, my question being, did you have some inspiration when making this game, or do you know any other stuff out there that is similar to this? Especially if it also involves an academy. Thanks! Awesome game

This was great! How's the new game coming?

Haven't been working on anything. Too busy with some other things and struggled with writing/design.

Hey GammaBreak wrote a mod translating this game into Polish.

Fantastic, great work!

I really love the premise of the game so far! Do you have any roadmap or deadlines planned for yourself? I would love to know what the future of the game is going to be. 

This IS the game. I'm not working on it anymore, this is the final product.


Hello GammaBreak,

I played the game and I would be interested to chat with you. Are you using Discord? You can reach me here:

Did so, just not sure who I'm supposed to be talking to.


love the game, lots of good things in it. please tell me there will be more

This REALLY hit the spot - more, please


The game is perfect in terms of the light femdom mood it has, rather than the countless other femdom games that think femdom is just kicking people in the balls or pegging them... ugh.

With that said it's way too short, feels more like a demo for a full game, rather than the full game itself. So the game leaves you with a bittersweet taste, you love what you are seeing but you desperately want to see more.

You should think about possibly opening a patreon page for this stuff, so you don't need to finance it yourself, if you are interested in doing that. It can be quite lucrative these days, i mean my friend is making a succubus femdom game and is earning over 3k each month for it, certainly something to consider.

Yeah, I'm looking into pulling in a few more resources for my next game. There's quite a bit to consider when dealing with that kind of money. I didn't want this project to turn into a huge effort with expectations I didn't know how to handle (or if I could even meet). This was purely a passion project. 

I'm going to hash out my next game more, try to scope out more talent and what it would cost to bring them in. Once I have all that I can put it to fundraising, but we'll see, as I'm told my next idea may not exactly sit well with some sites (non-consensual content).

I understand, there is obviously a certain amount of responsibility in making the game when suddenly you have hundreds of people backing your project, expecting you to release something new every few months.

Patreon can be a real pain but from what i have seen they are usually fairly lenient to these types of games, specifically when it's female on male domination. Like i mentioned previously with that succubus game my friend has, it's been on patreon for 2 years now and that literally involves demon women raping guys to death, so either Patreon is completely oblivious to it(which is hardly the case since they reviewed  the page a few times before) or they just don't mind kinks such as femdom.

Of course there is also subscribstar, where pretty much anything goes as far as i know but usually doesn't have nearly as many people singing up to it as patreon since it doesn't support paypal yet.

I'll see. I already work a very demanding full time job, so there's no way I can balance both that and something like a Patreon page.

I think what I'd most like, actually, is to take more of a backseat position or a manager/director position. Have someone do the financing/promotion. I'm not even interested in making money, personally, I'd rather that go to the artists.

It would be right up my alley if only it was more than a tease. Alas, it is not - this ends before it ever even started.

Yep! It's definitely not a long game. I financed all of the art/music assets myself, so it became quite expensive, hence why I had to keep it short.

i liked it. While it is short, the art is really nice and the femdom isn't violent in nature and therefore pretty enjoyable. Can't wait to see more from you. :)

I really appreciate the compliments, and glad you enjoyed it! I'm looking to do more work, but this is strictly a hobby, so it will likely be some time to get my next ideas organized and developed.

I hope this is juste a demo , and there is a lot more to come , because it's far too short right now :'(


Sorry! This is the full game.

I received feedback from testers that it was indeed short, but for my first project I was not intending for anything to be long or complicated. I simply didn't have the budget or experience yet. The next project I'm trying to work on though is definitely intending to be longer.

is it another femdom game because there is not alot of those about??


Sorry! Not quite sure what all the contents will be yet, so I can't really talk about it.